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Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself as both an attorney and adoptive mother. I began my adoption law practice in the spring of 2000, when my adopted son, Lucas, was 4 years old. During my first months as an attorney I worked with an experienced adoption attorney in the Los Angeles  before opening my own law office in my native town of Santa Barbara. My legal experience as well as my own personal experience with adoption has enabled me to use compassion and communication skills to work well with all parties and anticipate any problems that may arise. My experience has also made me sensitive to the needs of birth mothers and the potential vulnerability of adoptive parents. I enjoy working closely with young women in making their adoption plan and performing all the necessary legal work required to complete the adoption process. My cases have included Independent, Agency, Relative, Adult and Interstate Adoptions. I am a member of the Santa Barbara Women's Lawyer Association.

- Community outreach, networking and advertising for birth mothers.
- Help in preparing adoption letter and pictures to prospective birth mothers.
- Screening of adoption situation for commitment and any potential risks.
- Secure housing and payment of legally permissible birth mother expenses.
- Coordination of adoption service providers and role of Dept of Social Services.
- Free legal services and arrangement of counseling for birth parents, if desired.
- Assist birth mother in obtaining medical care and insurance if necessary.
- Prepare and file all necessary legal documents to complete the adoption process.

What Birth Mothers say:
"Thank you for being so supportive. I know I made all the right decisions. Because of you, I know that Amanda will be well taken care of and a happy little girl" - Denise

"I am more than happy with my decision. I know my baby will be even more loved than I had hoped for. Thank you for all your help in making this as easy as possible." - Starla

What Adoptive Parents say:
"Without you and our birth mother, we wouldn't have the joy of our life. For this, we are eternally grateful. There is not a day that goes by that we are not in awe of this gift." - Mary Ann & Steve

"Your kindness towards birth mothers and adoptive parents is what makes it all the more special. Thanks so much for every effort made." - Marie & Jim

"We just wanted to thank you for your help in the adoption of our daughter, Amanda. We are very fortunate to have chosen you as our adoption attorney and we are still in awe of the amazing circumstances that brought our daughter into our lives. Every step of the way you provided legal guidance including the processing and filing of the legal documents in a very professional and timely manner. Your care, consideration and support of our birth mother, Denise, was especially profound and made the transition of her giving birth, making an adoption plan and returning to school most gracious. In closing, thank you for making the adoption of our daughter a wonderful experience. We wish you all the best in your future adoption! We would highly recommend your services to any prospective adoption clients."  - Shawn & Lauren

"You have a gift for bringing people together. Your compassion for birth mothers and tireless advocacy for the hopes and dreams of adopting parents honors the precious gift you brought into our lives. Your attentiveness guided us so smoothly through the adoption process and above all else, elevated the well being and love for our beautiful new daughter. Giselle has been a precious gift and a wonderful little sister for Isabella. She is growing up beautifully and I am honored to be her Dad. We often think of her birth mother and know she is assured about her decision, thanks to you. Mere words cannot adequately express all that we feel about you and your work." - Ken & Danielle

"We cannot thank you enough for finding our baby girl, Kylie. She is our treasure. And what a lovely birthmom she has. Jan, you have been a joy to work with. We feel so protected that we got to work with you instead of a huge agency. You have been like a friend, guiding us through this whole process. With love, Cathryn and Brent
Brent and Cathryn meeting their daughter, Kylie
Brent, Cathryn, Kylie and Jan

My Mission Statement:
To use integrity, respect, honesty and hard work in bringing children into loving homes through my adoption law practice.